What is THON you ask. THON is a 46 hour dance marathon benefitting the Four Diamonds Fund and Pediatric Cancer at the Hersey Medical Center. It is the largest college run philanthropy in world. Pretty crazy right. Even crazier is that it is entirely run by the students of Penn State. EVEN crazier then that is that the dancers that give their time, money, etc do not sit for 46 hours! EVEN CRAZIER is that last year THON raised 7.49 million dollars. Students! Crazy ol Penn State students raising 7.4 million!

I know a lot of college’s have something similar, but Penn State is the biggest and the original. The participants are passionate, committed, dedicated, and a hint of insane(in a good way). Honestly if you are bored this weekend and have nothing to do go to THON’s Website and watch the live stream. You’ll see crazy students dancing, hear inspiring stories, watch great local bands in the State College area, and of corse witness the kids that either have cancer or are recovering/in remission just smiling and having fun.

“Me and one of my best friends at THON in 2008”

Now, I am not going to lie. When I was in college I wasn’t a huge THON fan. I went canning (begging for money on street corners) with my sorority but my heart wasn’t 100% in THON. Looking back I really wish I would done a little more with the organization. Watching from the outside looking in, it is very impressive the heart that these kids have. How tiny THON originally started as a small dance marathon in 1973 where the Greeks decided to start something to raise money for a Penn State community philanthropy. In the first THON, they raised $2,000 dollars. Now there are over 900 dancers and 15,000 student volunteers.

“Even Khloe is getting into the THON spirit”

To read more about the history of THON click HERE

I am very proud of all my friends who gave their 100% to THON. Jac and Val were my 2 Thontastic friends, but they gave their all for that foundation.They continue to try to make it back each year to see the festivities.

If you are in college, I would encourage to try to find out about a local philanthropy that you can participate whether tied to a greek organization or independent it will not only boost your resume but make you feel all warm inside 😀

I also want to give one big shout out to Miss Missy from my sorority. She is one of our dancers representing Tri-Sigma at THON. She continues to amaze me everyday. I was one of her Pi Chis(girls that disaffiliate from their sorority for about 2 months to help potential new members choose the best sorority for them and guide them for the terrors of recruitment(we have 19 panhellanic sororities). She then became president soon after….and apparently loved the job so much she did it again the following year. She’s done such a great job with the sorority and THON. Couldn’t be more proud!

THON is an amazing experience and a great cause. There is still time to donate by going here.

Val….this post was for you 🙂


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Beating the Winter Blues

I hate Winter! Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate it. I know you should always make something negative out of a positive…..seriously it’s bad. Especially when you have 2 blizzards in the span of 30 days.

(Look Ma, no legs!)

Honestly, the best way to beat the winter is going on vacation in the winter…..or moving to a state that won’t give you 40+” of snow, but you always have to work with what you got! So here is a list of some practical things you can do to beat those winter time blues!

1. Check out local events going on.
With the help of LivingSocial, Groupon, and Eversave you can find out local(and cheap) events going on in the area.

Next weekend me and my friends are going to be attending The International Great Beer Expo. 100+ different kinds of beer for 20 bucks! Sign me up!

Week after that my friend and I are going to go to Westminster Kennal Club. Yes it is the Superbowl for dogs…..yes I am more excited about that then the actual Superbowl(not a fan of either of the teams)…..and yes I realize that makes me a HUGE dork.

(but I honestly can’t wait)

2. Schedule dates with friends.
Because I live about 40 mins outside the city and there is snow up to my knees, I’ll admit, I get lazy and grumpy. When I get invited out I’ll usually choose for the cozy movie and takeout, but if scheduled ahead of time I am much more likely to go out. Same thing with dates. Schedule a date and time and make sure you both stick to it.

3. Become one with the elements and play in the snow.
I live with 2 winter lovers. While I am not a big fan of snow. These guys are:

So have some fun with it! Build a HUGE snowman and go off running with your pup! Beaver is a little compulsive when it snowballs so we both get out energy out!

4.Bake something!
The oven just warms up the house/apartment/small overpriced block, and if you bake something sweet then the smell is usually intoxicating!

Jumbo Sugar Cookie! Quick Easy in DELISH! Recipe is coming soon!

5.Buy something you’ll want to wear out. I love cloths and shoes as much as Beaver likes snowballs. So buying an awesome coat kinda is like a kick out the front door.

What do you guys do to beat those winter time blues?


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A 13.1 Comeback

Ohhhhhhh running… biggest foe and my greatest love(next to my bf, family, friends, and dog). I have had a love/hate relationship with running since I was 10 and had to do that 400m run for the Presidential Physical Fitness Test in 4th grade( I won all 3 badges thank you 🙂 ). Sadly over time I have felt myself get slower and slower.

BUT….it’s time for a change. It’s 2011, Year of the Fitness! I have already signed up for Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run with 4 of my favorite gals: Val, Erin, Steph, and Kim.

I did the Cherry Blossom Run with Val and Erin last year and we had a great time. Erin and I ran practically the whole thing together, and Val I saw for the first 3 minutes before she took off. I highly recommend it for new runners who want to take running seriously. The only problem I had with it was… blossoms! So hopefully this year we will see some blossoms and I will finish with a 8:45 pace :D. Dream big ya know!

We are making it a girls weekend so hopefully we will arrive on Thursday and spend the long weekend having loads of fun in DC. The most exciting part is that on Thursday, April 1st I will complete day 90 of P90X. It’s going to be a big weekend for moi!

Now….here is the real challenge. How am I going to survive P90X and get in good enough running shape so I don’t end up like this:

On death’s bed with gummy bears as my only lifetime. Yes, this was me after the Rock N’ Roll Philly 1/2 Marathon. I didn’t train, I didn’t give it my all, I didn’t succeed, and this was the result: DISASTER.

“Happier Times before the race in October 2010′”

I plan on incorporating 3-4 additional runs a week on top of my P90X workouts. It’s going to push me further then I have been for a while, but I have to say these past 2+ weeks withP90X has made me happier and frankly healthy then I have been for long time!

In addition to the Cherry Blossom runs I have discovered some more runs that I potentially want to complete. Of corse doing a 1/2 marathon a month is a little crazy, but having options is always better then having none. So here we go:

Rutgers’ UNITE half marathon on 4/17. With NJ Transit pretty much next door that takes you directly to East Brunswick it may be the perfect companion to the Cherry Blossom Race.

Long Island Half Marathon on 5/1. I originally wanted to do The Broad Street Run in Philly, but that sold out in 4 days. So option B anyone?

13.1 in Chicago on 6/4. I have been wanting to run a half marathon with my big sis for a while now. She’s a speed demon but wouldn’t it be the best birthday present( birthday is on 6/7) to beat her!

WildHalf on 8/28 because nothing ends summer like the Jersey Shore 🙂

And finally the Rock n’ Roll Philly half the sequel. I will have revenge!!!!

Are there any race’s that you want/have sign up for?

Now onto important things…like fixing my bed…that broke…..

I blame him:

Until next time.


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Where Larry took Dani

MLK Day is one of the only holidays I get off of work( I think my next day off is in May X_x) so I really wanted to take advantage of it. The bf and I had to run some errands downtown so we hoped on an E and down we went.

Downtown Manhattan is actually one of my favorite areas( I also work there). It is very underrated! They have great running trails that start at the base, fantastic restaurants, and shopping galore. I am going to write a full review on what to do downtown soon, I promise.

“Betcha you don’t have a street named after ya!”

So after Larry and I got all our boring work related errands finished we searched for a place to eat. Larry was really craving a deli sandwich and when he asked me where we could get one downtown I told him a couple places….which he vetoed and suggested we go to Katz’s Deli in the Lower East Side instead.

Katz’s Deli is pretty much a New York staple. Located at the corner of Ludlow and Houston(pronounced House-ton not Houston) you will find the Mount Everest of Deli Sandwiches. Katz’s, fun facts of the day, is not only the oldest Deli in NYC, but also where Harry met Sally!

“Where Larry took Dani!”

And also where Adam Richmond ate the monstrous Pastrami Sandwich on Man vs. Food.

I have never eaten here so I was excited to try my first Katz’s Sandwhich. First thing first, this place is always crowded! We came at 3 p.m. and it was packed, but if you decide to get your food the cafeteria way you will get your food very quickly!

I decided to go for the classic Ruban! Which was about 5 sandwich’s worth of meat. My bf got a duo with corn beef and brisket and we split melt in your mouth fries( gotta be bad sometimes)

My Ruban was delish! Soft and chewy corn beef, fresh rye bread, not too much thousand island dressing…all in all the perfect sandwich.

The owner even came around to everyone’s table to chat. It’s always nice to see the owner/manager talk to his customers. He really doesn’t have to do that as he place makes a fortune!

After I finished half of my sandwich and my boyfriend finished his and my other half I really wanted something sweet.

We headed directly to il laboratororio del gelato for some ice cream.

It’s a great lil ice cream place if you are in the LES, but be careful, they are cash only. Larry thought I was crazy eating ice cream in 15 degree weather, but I am one of those people that would eat ice cream even if it was in the negatives!

Are you an ice cream at any temperature kind of person?


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Snow and the puppy who loved her


As so does this little guy! More time to play outside with him. I know some dogs aren’t big with snow but Beaver……he is a snow dog through and through.

Whenever I am home there is much more time to play with this little guy. Beaver is a pretty chill dog while in the apartment but when he is outside he loves to play. I learned very quickly that this dog is not take him out for an hour walk kind of dog. He is a need a good 30 mins of play to release my energy.

Luckily we have a big ol dog run in the back of our apartment where he can run ,play with other dogs, chase small rodents, get lost in snow drifts, and of corse eat things he is not suppose to.

On tap for today is going into the City and finishing up some errands…..seems whenever I get a day off I am still going into the City and working!

BTW I am sorry about the weird awkward grey line on some of Beaver’s pictures…..something about the upload process……

Have a wonderful MLK day 🙂

“I’ll be waiting for you to take me outside!”

Location:Snow and the puppy who loved her

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Weekly Recap!

Yes, I promise I am still alive. I think one thing people don’t realize when they create a blog is how hard it is to keep up with it. I know me and my friends live very busy lives so taking an hour out of the day is something that is very difficult.

“You must play with me all day, everyday!!!!”

Does any one have any fun tips about blog management that they would like to share 🙂 ????

P90X Update

I have to say that P90X really isn’t a joke and it is everything it says it is!! How many of times have this happened…..You say you are going to work out everyday and you end up working out 2 of the 7 days and ordering food in. Well because P90X has given me a set program to work with and a ton of inspiration I have worked out 7 out of the 7 days 🙂 The best part of P90X is that you can do it whenever you want. Been a long day and get home at 11 p.m. that’s fine!

“My Workout Gym!”

1/7-Core Synergistics (Fancy Hour Abs)
1/8- Cardio X
1/9 Shoulder&Arms + Ab RipperX
1/10 Yoga X (Great for beginners who want to get into Yoga)
1/11 Legs& Back +Ab RIpperX
1/12 Kenpo X
1/13 X Stretch (very easy!! It is basically a rest day)
11/14 Core Synergistics
11/15 Cardio X

I will say one thing. I wish Cardio X had more umph! It’s 45 minutes(shortest program in the series), and I am really left wanting to do more workout. I’m starting to become the type of person where I want to work out the absolute hardest for an hour a day. Taking long runs are great and all, but I am so use to it by now that I am left with a easy workout and a whole lot of time wasted(sorta). I need that short of breath to come back into my life.

I think for next week I am going to replace Cardio with Plyo…..See how that goes for me.

Favorite Foods of the Week+ Freshdirect

I would say 1/2 the population of NYC does not have a car……this includes me. My bf does but it is basically on its last dying breath and we really only use it for emergencies. So where do we go for groceries? How do we all transport them all?

Enter FreshDirect

“Ode to the FreshDirect”

It is a delivery service for groceries. They are actually cheaper then the 2 stores by me AND they bring them up to your door with a smile in cute little boxes. YES PLEASE!!!!

Freshdirect’s Website

If you live in the Northern NJ, NYC, or Connecticut area then def check it out. I got 25% off my entire order for the first 2 orders.

My favorite part of FD is defiantly the free fresh produce they give with every orders. I’ve gotten asian pears, and grapefruit before.

My favorite thing I made this week would defiantly be the turnip fries. If you been around the blogging system all everybody can talk about are these lil guys.

They are incredibly easy to make as well!

Turnipy Fries

-2 turnips peeled and cut into desired fry shape(I will say the longer and thinner they are the better)

-Vegetable Oil (I used a splash)

-1/3 cup of parmesan cheese

-Tablespoon of garlic salt

-Tablespoon of paprika

-Pinch of Salt

1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

2. Peel and cut the turnips to desired fry shape and in a bowl splash vegetable oil on the fries and mix.

3. In a separate bowl combine the rest of the ingredients into a bowl and mix the turnip fries into the mix.

4. Place dressed fries on a baking sheet covered in aluminum foil with baking spray(PAM) and cook for 10 minutes. Take out fries, flip them over and continue to bake for about 10 mins. The fries should be tender when a fork is placed in them.

I enjoyed these lil babies with a bun-less boiled turkey cheeseburger. Its a great and healthy option for the burgers and fries craving that someone may get.

“Boil Baby Boil”

Lemme know if you guys have any questions!

Song of the Day: Cosmic Love, Florence + The Machine

Alright back to cleaning the house!!

“Seriously this has been here since Christmas, get to cleaning Woman!”


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P90X Day 1….89 days to go!

Good morning!!! As stated before, my main goal of 2011 is to complete the P90X program and master all its moves….and boy are these moves tough! If I have to do one more Super Banana or pushup I am going to punch Tony Horton right through my TV!

At this moment I am actually on my 3rd day of P90X but since I had technical issues with my camera I could not post until today. I have a bit of catch up to do 🙂

I bought my copy of P90X through Amazon(trust me it’s cheaper if you buy a used copy that is “like new”) and I received it in 4 days. I could not wait to try this baby out. With 500+ 5 star reviews on Amazon, P90X has to be on to something right?

As soon as I got home on Friday I rushed to my doorman, got the package and began tearing it open! Inside was what I expected, no extra fluff( although there was packing peanuts that I had to chase Beaver around the apartment to make sure he didn’t swallow any).

Inside contained:

-The 12 discs in a neat little case(great organization)
-A quick start up guide(ignore this)
-Training Block Calendar(I am more of a Google Calendar/Blackberry kinda girl to keep track of everything)
-The Nutrition Plan that details the amount of calories as well as types of food you should be eating
-Fitness Guide that goes into more detail about the moves, equipment, versions, and if you are ready for P90X(these classes are very tough and if you can’t pass the fitness test they recommend you to not try this until you are ready)
-A free puppy

There are 3 different versions of the training program you can choose from:

-Classic: The original recommended version. It is a mix of everything except Cardio X.
-Doubles: It is basically Classic+. You do the Classic program from week 1-4 and at week 5 you add Cardio X in the morning in addition to your original workout.
-Lean(my choice):More cardio less weight training. Plyometrics is replaced with Cardio X. I am hoping to replace Cardio X with Plyo every other week when I get into week 5.

Before I started my first workout I took some pretty embarrassing pictures of myself, but it was good! It’s good to see how I started and I am excited to see my transformation.

That will be the last time I ever see my body like this. I am going to make a change in my life style. I don’t consider myself “fat” but I know I am on the path to obesity in how I wasn’t eating right or exercising properly. It’s best to catch it early and make a change.

So now that I got the worst part out of the way, I started on “Core Synergistics”. It hurt! I had to break at some points(for water). I had to do the modifications at times, but all in all I loved how it made me feel. I felt my body getting tighter with each move. Even though I am not at the point were I do every move with ease, I love attempting them, and one day I will be able to do the dvd perfect.

Have a good Sunday my friends! Go Eagles and Ravens!!!!


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Pilot Post :)

Hi all! So this is my very first post. Kind of crazy that it has been a year of following all types of blogs (healthy living, wedding, gossip, cupcakes, dogs, New York, you basically name it) that I have finally decided to write my own.

Me Graduating from Penn State in May 2009

The main reason why I have decided to create this blog is to try to focus on my goals. I feel writing a blog takes care of the accountability aspect of reaching your target.

So I like to proudly present “The Princess of Queen’s Goals of 2011”

1. To complete(graduate as Tony likes to call it) P90X in its full- I have to say I never expected this to be on my goal list. I have always been an athlete. Making sure that exercising was a priority…..and then I graduated college……and got a full time job at a Fortune 500 company. I worked well over 40+ hours and my commute was about a hour each way. The excuses started to fly and I ended up like this:

Pretty spectacular no…… Yes, this is me. All 170 lbs of me, but I am optimistic! I have heard such wonderful things about P90X that I decided to log on to Amazon and buy a copy….and even make a blog about it! I have taken the work outs and the nutrition plan very serious and I am determined to see results.

2. Adapt to a healthy COOKING lifestyle- The reason why I gained 30 lbs was because I stopped cooking period…..It became EVERYDAY. I filled up on junk like penne alla vodka, and loads of pizza…..not to mention ice cream galore. I’ve been reading a lot of healthy living blogs, websites, and even watching TV shows in hopes of creating a better diet for myself and my boyfriend. I’ve started to learn how to cook stuff that is good for my body (or really….cook period lol).

3.Become a better girlfriend, friend, daughter, sister, and dog mom- This one is pretty vague. How am I to judge whether or not I become that but this is something I really want to improve on. Moving away from Home/Penn State and having a full time job defiantly affected my relationships with the people closest to me so I plan to really communicate more with all the people I love which includes:

My Boo Bear Larry (The Boyfriend):

I would honestly be lost without this wonderful man! He is my strength and my rock. He is constantly inspiring me to do bigger and better things. It was actually his idea for me to create this blog.

“You are always reading those things…why don’t you just make one of your own. You’re cute, funny, and live in the best city in the world (hey Queens is technically NYC 🙂 ).” He even got me an iPad, or Paddy Anne as I like to call it, for Christmas because my old laptop, Annabelle, well…..died. Plus the iPad is the perfect blogging assistant and reader a girl could ever want :). Our relationship grows stronger every day and I can’t wait to share our adventures!

My Friends…whether they are my NY Gals, Penn State Besties, or PA Pals:
I am very lucky to have gone through each transition in life with amazing friends. My high school, college, adult life would have not been the same without them. They are truly amazing and plan for them to pop up in the blog often :). My goal is to really communicate with them more often whether it be Happy Hours, emails, phone calls, texts, hand written letters( what’s that?!), or visits to
the Mother Land(State College), I hope that these girls remain in my life forever!

My New York Gals

Penn State Cuties

High School Sweethearts!
(Why is this the only picture of the 4 of us that I have?!)

My Family:

I have an amazing family. I have the most supportive mother and father that a I could ever hope for. They have always been there for me no matter what I wanted to be, do, or accomplish. A phone call every Sunday is not enough!

My sister is the person I look up to the most! She is beautiful, successful, talented, funny, and all in all a person who you would love to be friends with. A BBM once in a while does NOT cut it 🙂


Beaver is Larry and mine’s 11 month old Shepherd( Rottweiler, Lab, Husky?) mix. I really can’t believe how much joy this little guy has given us. I am always trying to be a better dog mom, taking him more dog friendly places and parks. Beaver will be featured a lot as in he creeps in most of my pictures.

(Example A)

Explore New York:

Living in New York City is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is full of exciting places to go, people to see, things to do, and I want to explore all of it.

So that is it! That is the jist of what I want this blog to be about and my personal goals.

Until next time!


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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