Pilot Post :)

Hi all! So this is my very first post. Kind of crazy that it has been a year of following all types of blogs (healthy living, wedding, gossip, cupcakes, dogs, New York, you basically name it) that I have finally decided to write my own.

Me Graduating from Penn State in May 2009

The main reason why I have decided to create this blog is to try to focus on my goals. I feel writing a blog takes care of the accountability aspect of reaching your target.

So I like to proudly present “The Princess of Queen’s Goals of 2011”

1. To complete(graduate as Tony likes to call it) P90X in its full- I have to say I never expected this to be on my goal list. I have always been an athlete. Making sure that exercising was a priority…..and then I graduated college……and got a full time job at a Fortune 500 company. I worked well over 40+ hours and my commute was about a hour each way. The excuses started to fly and I ended up like this:

Pretty spectacular no…… Yes, this is me. All 170 lbs of me, but I am optimistic! I have heard such wonderful things about P90X that I decided to log on to Amazon and buy a copy….and even make a blog about it! I have taken the work outs and the nutrition plan very serious and I am determined to see results.

2. Adapt to a healthy COOKING lifestyle- The reason why I gained 30 lbs was because I stopped cooking period…..It became Delivery.com EVERYDAY. I filled up on junk like penne alla vodka, and loads of pizza…..not to mention ice cream galore. I’ve been reading a lot of healthy living blogs, websites, and even watching TV shows in hopes of creating a better diet for myself and my boyfriend. I’ve started to learn how to cook stuff that is good for my body (or really….cook period lol).

3.Become a better girlfriend, friend, daughter, sister, and dog mom- This one is pretty vague. How am I to judge whether or not I become that but this is something I really want to improve on. Moving away from Home/Penn State and having a full time job defiantly affected my relationships with the people closest to me so I plan to really communicate more with all the people I love which includes:

My Boo Bear Larry (The Boyfriend):

I would honestly be lost without this wonderful man! He is my strength and my rock. He is constantly inspiring me to do bigger and better things. It was actually his idea for me to create this blog.

“You are always reading those things…why don’t you just make one of your own. You’re cute, funny, and live in the best city in the world (hey Queens is technically NYC 🙂 ).” He even got me an iPad, or Paddy Anne as I like to call it, for Christmas because my old laptop, Annabelle, well…..died. Plus the iPad is the perfect blogging assistant and reader a girl could ever want :). Our relationship grows stronger every day and I can’t wait to share our adventures!

My Friends…whether they are my NY Gals, Penn State Besties, or PA Pals:
I am very lucky to have gone through each transition in life with amazing friends. My high school, college, adult life would have not been the same without them. They are truly amazing and plan for them to pop up in the blog often :). My goal is to really communicate with them more often whether it be Happy Hours, emails, phone calls, texts, hand written letters( what’s that?!), or visits to
the Mother Land(State College), I hope that these girls remain in my life forever!

My New York Gals

Penn State Cuties

High School Sweethearts!
(Why is this the only picture of the 4 of us that I have?!)

My Family:

I have an amazing family. I have the most supportive mother and father that a I could ever hope for. They have always been there for me no matter what I wanted to be, do, or accomplish. A phone call every Sunday is not enough!

My sister is the person I look up to the most! She is beautiful, successful, talented, funny, and all in all a person who you would love to be friends with. A BBM once in a while does NOT cut it 🙂


Beaver is Larry and mine’s 11 month old Shepherd( Rottweiler, Lab, Husky?) mix. I really can’t believe how much joy this little guy has given us. I am always trying to be a better dog mom, taking him more dog friendly places and parks. Beaver will be featured a lot as in he creeps in most of my pictures.

(Example A)

Explore New York:

Living in New York City is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is full of exciting places to go, people to see, things to do, and I want to explore all of it.

So that is it! That is the jist of what I want this blog to be about and my personal goals.

Until next time!


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