P90X Day 1….89 days to go!

Good morning!!! As stated before, my main goal of 2011 is to complete the P90X program and master all its moves….and boy are these moves tough! If I have to do one more Super Banana or pushup I am going to punch Tony Horton right through my TV!

At this moment I am actually on my 3rd day of P90X but since I had technical issues with my camera I could not post until today. I have a bit of catch up to do 🙂

I bought my copy of P90X through Amazon(trust me it’s cheaper if you buy a used copy that is “like new”) and I received it in 4 days. I could not wait to try this baby out. With 500+ 5 star reviews on Amazon, P90X has to be on to something right?

As soon as I got home on Friday I rushed to my doorman, got the package and began tearing it open! Inside was what I expected, no extra fluff( although there was packing peanuts that I had to chase Beaver around the apartment to make sure he didn’t swallow any).

Inside contained:

-The 12 discs in a neat little case(great organization)
-A quick start up guide(ignore this)
-Training Block Calendar(I am more of a Google Calendar/Blackberry kinda girl to keep track of everything)
-The Nutrition Plan that details the amount of calories as well as types of food you should be eating
-Fitness Guide that goes into more detail about the moves, equipment, versions, and if you are ready for P90X(these classes are very tough and if you can’t pass the fitness test they recommend you to not try this until you are ready)
-A free puppy

There are 3 different versions of the training program you can choose from:

-Classic: The original recommended version. It is a mix of everything except Cardio X.
-Doubles: It is basically Classic+. You do the Classic program from week 1-4 and at week 5 you add Cardio X in the morning in addition to your original workout.
-Lean(my choice):More cardio less weight training. Plyometrics is replaced with Cardio X. I am hoping to replace Cardio X with Plyo every other week when I get into week 5.

Before I started my first workout I took some pretty embarrassing pictures of myself, but it was good! It’s good to see how I started and I am excited to see my transformation.

That will be the last time I ever see my body like this. I am going to make a change in my life style. I don’t consider myself “fat” but I know I am on the path to obesity in how I wasn’t eating right or exercising properly. It’s best to catch it early and make a change.

So now that I got the worst part out of the way, I started on “Core Synergistics”. It hurt! I had to break at some points(for water). I had to do the modifications at times, but all in all I loved how it made me feel. I felt my body getting tighter with each move. Even though I am not at the point were I do every move with ease, I love attempting them, and one day I will be able to do the dvd perfect.

Have a good Sunday my friends! Go Eagles and Ravens!!!!


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4 Responses to P90X Day 1….89 days to go!

  1. Steph says:

    Get it Dani!!

  2. I have those videos on my computer but i only lasted about 5 days haha. I definitely want to start incorporating the videos again to my routine, but i think my downstairs neighbors would hate me a little 🙂

  3. Ally says:

    Haha that would definitely be an issue for me too. If I did any workout videos at home the lady below us would go crazy

  4. Jill Wolfe says:

    this is great! How is going? I started it but fall off 😦

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