Snow and the puppy who loved her


As so does this little guy! More time to play outside with him. I know some dogs aren’t big with snow but Beaver……he is a snow dog through and through.

Whenever I am home there is much more time to play with this little guy. Beaver is a pretty chill dog while in the apartment but when he is outside he loves to play. I learned very quickly that this dog is not take him out for an hour walk kind of dog. He is a need a good 30 mins of play to release my energy.

Luckily we have a big ol dog run in the back of our apartment where he can run ,play with other dogs, chase small rodents, get lost in snow drifts, and of corse eat things he is not suppose to.

On tap for today is going into the City and finishing up some errands…..seems whenever I get a day off I am still going into the City and working!

BTW I am sorry about the weird awkward grey line on some of Beaver’s pictures…..something about the upload process……

Have a wonderful MLK day 🙂

“I’ll be waiting for you to take me outside!”

Location:Snow and the puppy who loved her

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One Response to Snow and the puppy who loved her

  1. Julie says:

    Aw, he loves the snow! SO cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog…as for the yarn for the letter, 1 spool (or whatever it’s called) was more than enough!

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