Beating the Winter Blues

I hate Winter! Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate it. I know you should always make something negative out of a positive…..seriously it’s bad. Especially when you have 2 blizzards in the span of 30 days.

(Look Ma, no legs!)

Honestly, the best way to beat the winter is going on vacation in the winter…..or moving to a state that won’t give you 40+” of snow, but you always have to work with what you got! So here is a list of some practical things you can do to beat those winter time blues!

1. Check out local events going on.
With the help of LivingSocial, Groupon, and Eversave you can find out local(and cheap) events going on in the area.

Next weekend me and my friends are going to be attending The International Great Beer Expo. 100+ different kinds of beer for 20 bucks! Sign me up!

Week after that my friend and I are going to go to Westminster Kennal Club. Yes it is the Superbowl for dogs…..yes I am more excited about that then the actual Superbowl(not a fan of either of the teams)…..and yes I realize that makes me a HUGE dork.

(but I honestly can’t wait)

2. Schedule dates with friends.
Because I live about 40 mins outside the city and there is snow up to my knees, I’ll admit, I get lazy and grumpy. When I get invited out I’ll usually choose for the cozy movie and takeout, but if scheduled ahead of time I am much more likely to go out. Same thing with dates. Schedule a date and time and make sure you both stick to it.

3. Become one with the elements and play in the snow.
I live with 2 winter lovers. While I am not a big fan of snow. These guys are:

So have some fun with it! Build a HUGE snowman and go off running with your pup! Beaver is a little compulsive when it snowballs so we both get out energy out!

4.Bake something!
The oven just warms up the house/apartment/small overpriced block, and if you bake something sweet then the smell is usually intoxicating!

Jumbo Sugar Cookie! Quick Easy in DELISH! Recipe is coming soon!

5.Buy something you’ll want to wear out. I love cloths and shoes as much as Beaver likes snowballs. So buying an awesome coat kinda is like a kick out the front door.

What do you guys do to beat those winter time blues?


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One Response to Beating the Winter Blues

  1. Hi there…just stopping by from Carrots ‘n Cake. Beaver is absolutely adorable!!

    We leave in South Texas so are winters only last a couple of weeks. 🙂 It was 80 degrees today!

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